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    I. Generally speaking, when we want one situation to be different, we use "IF CLAUSE/ IF ONLY" ( Khi chúng ta muốn tình huống khác đi ( không như thực tế) thí ta dùng WISH CLAUSE & IF ONLY).
    II . Structures:
    1. Future wish:

    + V .....
    IF ONLY WERE + V-ing....
    Eg: a. It will be rain tomorrow. If only it wouldn`t rain tomorrow.
    She is not coming with us. She wishes she were coming with us.
    I want to be in Hanoi next week. If only I could be in Hanoi next week.
    NOTES :
    * When S1=S2, we often use could instead of would. (He wishes he could / would go home. )
    => We only use could , wouldn’t after I wish/ We wish/ If only I / If only we …
    Eg: I wish I could / would see him / If only I wouldn’t be there .
    * Would is usually used when the speaker is complaining about something.
    I wish she would help her mother with housework.
    2. Present wish:
    WISH V2/ V-ed
    + S + (BE ( were)
    IF ONLY ( Past subjunctive)
    Eg: a. I`m poor now. --> I wish I were rich / a millionaire.
    b. She doesn`t have enough time to do homework. --> She wishes she had enough time to do homework.
    * Note: Informal English ( I wish he was good at Math(s).

    3. Past wish:

    IF ONLY COULD HAVE + V-ed/ V3....

    Eg: a. We were not together. ( I wish(ed) we could have been together.
    b. He regrets asking Jason for money. ( He wishes he hadn`t asked Jason for money.

    S + WISH TO V …
    - I wish to live in Paris now . // I wish you a happy new year.
    Gap filling ( see WISH CLAUSE EXERCISE )
    Multiple choice questions: (id)
    Sentence transformation : (id)
    3a. Words, phrases or clauses such as want to/ would love to/ would like to/ be sorry/ be afraid/ it’s pity/ regret… must be omitted .
    They want Jason to be here now => They wish Jason were here now.
    I’m afraid I can’t go to your party. => I wish I could go to your party.
    3b. reget/ forget/ remember + V-ing / be sorry for + V-ing / should (not) have V3 / need have v3/ must have V3 …=> usually describe a past action / state => PAST WISH
    He regrets not saying good-bye to Jane. => He wishes he had said good-bye to Jane.
    I think you should have told him about that matter. => I wish you had told him about that matter.
    3c. The context only helps us to recognize the tense of such phrases as want to be/ would love to/ would like to …
    He wants to be a teacher when he grows up. (future) => He wishes he could be a teacher.
    He wants you to be here right now. => He wishes you were here right now.
    3d. Equivalent tenses in conditionals/ it’s (high) time … / would rather …
    It’s high time Mary went to bed. => Mary’s mother wishes she went to bed.
    3e. Present perfect => past wish
    She hasn’t visited London yet. => She wishes she had visited London.
    1. would or could?
    a. I wish Andreas ________ help me sometimes. b. If only I ______ have a holiday!
    c. Gavin wished he ______ visit his uncle in Paris. d. I wish I ______ win the prize.
    e. I wish they _______ top shouting. f. Judith wishes she _____go to London.
    g. If only the baby ______ be quiet for a moment. h. If only you get the job you want!
    2. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one. Use between two and five words, including the words given. Do not change the given words.
    1. I haven’t got much money. => I wish I …………………………………………………
    2. She’d like to be far away, on a desert island. She wishes …………………………………..
    3. Francisco lives a long way away. => I wish
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